About this blog

Its 2017, and we are off on our third trip to France. Having experimented with traveling with Brompton folding bikes in Oregon, we are ready to try a multi-destination trip to the Loire Valley, Brittany, Cassis, Marseille and Paris. We will travel by train between locations, and explore locally on our bikes.

In 2014 we completed a second combined cycling and Plein Air painting trip in France. We went from Paris straight to Avignon via train, and then to the Luberon for a 10 day tour on bikes. Following that, Diane met  Jeanne Rosier Smith in the Cote D’Azure region for a plein air pastel painting workshop.The previous year we traveled from Paris to Avignon for a trip around Provence, and then to the Cote d’Azure for the same plein air painting workshop.

This blog is dedicated to my husband Gerry, my partner in adventure, and chief navigator. “Where else could you have this much fun?”

On the way to Les Baux, 2013

Gerry and Diane east of Maussane-les-Alpilles, on the way to Avignon

2 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Judy Broadworth

    I took a workshop with Susan this summer in northern Michigan, She is an awesome painter, instructor and a great person! Love your blog post about your workshop.


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