Bonnieux to Viens

The trip from Bonnieux to Viens was an amazing tour of small villages from Siagnon, to Auribeau, to Castellet, to St-Martin-de-Castillon, and finally into Viens itself.

We rode up onto a plateau from Bonnieux, past fields of lavender, down narrow lanes between vineyards and olive groves. As we stopped in the shade at an intersection a group of woman walked over to us to show us something on a camera. It was a beautiful photo of the two of us on bikes with a lavender field in the foreground. The photographer promised to send it to us, and we exchanged cards.

Riding on we began to see glimpses of Siagnon, but nothing prepared us for the magnificent view of the city from the last switch back. The castle fortifications are built on a natural rock formation which clings to the cliff over a ravine. The rest of the village stretches out behind it.


It was mid-summers-night eve and riding down into the city we past a bridal party waiting to be photographed. In the village square signs for the Fete du Musique advertised Saxophones, Musique de America Sud, et Mozart. Sadly, we couldn’t hang around in the beautiful village square for the party.


We stopped at Christine’s bakery in the village for a coffee and pastries. Outside, a man and his dog had a little stand on the street. The dog got the lounge chair!

The town fountain was tempting but we had to move on. Auribeau looked beautiful, but we skirted the village and kept going into Castellet.



As we rode down the street we heard women’s voices, a cappella, blending beautifully in the summer heat. They were practicing for the fete de Musique in Saignon. Next year, we decided we have to be in Siagnon for the Fete!!

The road to St.-Martin-de-Castillon was long, uphill and hot!!20140626-162829.jpg
Here we are in a shady spot.



An ice cream at the top of St. Martin did a bit to revive me but after that the heat really did me in. We balanced our bikes together at the edge of the lavender field, and took a honey stinger waffle break. Thanks to Gerry and his optimism and encouragement, we finally arrived in Viens.


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